Project: Cancer Fight Watch Photoshoot Brief

Description: For the Cancer Fight Watch by Bamford, our goal was to capture its strength and retro-inspired design while honoring the cause it supports, Cancer Mama.

Concept: We embraced a retro-inspired theme for the first lifestyle, emphasizing strength and endurance. For the second lifestyle light played a central role, symbolising hope in the fight against cancer.

Key Elements:

  1. · Strength and Resilience: Reflecting the watch’s fortitude and the spirit of Cancer Mama.
  2. · Retro Aesthetic: Vintage styling for a timeless appeal.
  3. · Light Symbolism: Illuminating hope in the face of darkness.
  4. · Cancer Mama Tribute: honoring the cause using the pink colour.
  5. · Emotional Impact: Fostering connection and solidarity through powerful visuals.

Outcome: Our aim was to produce striking photographs that showcase the watch’s beauty and convey a message of strength, hope, and unity.